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Next Meetup: Wednesday, November 15, from 7 - 9pm, EST

Join me for A2 Retro Tech's No-Net November meetup on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 7 to 9 pm! This month, we're exploring computer communications before the (inter)net! Sneakernet, BBSes, FidoNet, LocalTalk, Novell, Phone phreaking, BBSes, and basically any kind of communication technology pre-internet is fair game!

If you're interested in presenting during the second hour of this meetup please contact James.

Announcing A2 Retro Tech's Show & Tell in-person event, Sun., Dec 03, from 2 - 5pm

On December 3rd, we'll be having an in-person Show & Tell event from 2pm - 5pm at All Hands Active on E Liberty St., in Downtown Ann Arbor. Be sure to RSVP on meetup.com and bring along your retro tech! If you have questions about whether your tech is retro, email contact Mike or contact James.

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